Presentation on FHWA’s Post-Tensioned Box Girder Design Manual

NCBC proudly sponsored a presentation by noted bridge engineer and author John Corven on FHWA’s Post-Tensioned Box Girder Design Manual. Mr. Corven spoke to a group of university professors at PCA’s annual Professors’ Workshop. Captured on the video below, Mr. Corven goes through the key points of the manual, and provides insights for both practitioners and academics.

FHWA’s Post-Tensioned Box Girder Design Manual reviews features of the construction of cast-in-place concrete box girder bridges, material characteristics that impact design, fundamentals of prestressed concrete, and losses in prestressing force related to post-tensioned construction.

John Corven, President and Chief Bridge Engineer, started Corven Engineering 17 years ago in 2000. John has been designing, inspecting, and rehabilitating prestressed concrete bridges in the United States and Internationally for 38 years.

The PCA Professors Workshop is an annual event designed to provide faculty in engineering, architecture, and construction management programs the tools to teach the latest developments in concrete design, construction, materials, pavements and sustainability. The bridge and structures track gives professors the opportunity to learn the latest in best practices for concrete bridge design, and to interface with the industry experts of NCBC.

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