NCBC Summer Enrichment Series: Preserving and Extending the Service Life of Concrete Bridges

Webinar recordings now available! Click here to register and access the webinar recordings.

The National Concrete Bridge Council (NCBC), with its supporting member organizations, is pleased to bring you recordings from the summer’s premier virtual workshop series on concrete bridges and how to repair, maintain, and extend their life cycle.

The 6-part series, supported by Structural Technologies, included interactive sessions with industry experts sharing proven methodology which identifies root causes of issues encountered on concrete bridges and provides guidance for optimal solutions and design strategies. Understanding this holistic approach dispels perceived limitations in our ability to repair and preserve concrete bridges. Tools are provided to help owners and practitioners be the best possible stewards of critical transportation infrastructure.


  1. Fundamentals of Concrete
  2. Evaluating Concrete Bridges
  3. Analyze, Design & Select the Solution
  4. Concrete Repair 101
  5. Strengthening Bridge Assets
  6. Delivering Long-Term Bridge Protection

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